[at Bryan Singer] Dude, y’know those Reeve films? They are not all that, so stop stealin’ your plots from them. … Also, there’s about 70 years of comic now. Go and have a read, mate. — All of Whine & Space,
Superman Returns @2:05:20

In the next one, [Jason] could be played by Zac Efron. Imagine Zac Efron and Brandon Routh fightin’ side by side. Or: fightin’ each other. [nonsense sounds] — All of Whine & Space,
Superman Returns @2:28:57

[re: bringing back Don Black] It seems very strange that they [said], ‘You know what we need? We need the man who brought the subtle lyrical treatment to The Man With the Golden Gun.’ — All of Whine and Space,
The World is Not Enough @0:17:02

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