Something that Brosnan does really, really well thruout his entire tenure is depict … a Bond who has seen things that are not great, that have left their mark on him, but they’ve not ruined him. — All of Whine and Space,
The World is Not Enough @0:47:05

Jor-El, on-screen, has left this a bit on the late side. … It happens in the course of about 10 minutes, the entire planet goes tits up, which leads me think the [Ruling Council] are not paying attention. — Whine & Space,
Superman: The Movie @0:18:22

Whenever it is, Rickman in a play: I am there. Oh yeah. Especially if it’s Shakespeare. I’d prefer it to be something bullsh*t, like a stage adaptation of Are You Being Served? — All of Whine and Space,
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone @1:11:18

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