I think everything in the film is okay. It’s just that there’s a bit too much ‘okay’ stretched over a bit too much running time. — All of Whine & Space,
Superman Returns @2:14:42

[Clark jumps out a window and magically changes into his super suit] It’s an unfortunate moment because it’s a massive, massive bookmark for when I think the film starts to fall away and starts to develop problems. — Whine & Space,
Superman: The Movie @1:49:42

I think this film feels like more of a kids’ film, in many senses. This is a family afternoon film, isn’t it? Sure, yeah. Whereas Deathly Hallows is more of a just-before-the-watershed family film. — All of Whine and Space,
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone @0:29:54

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