I remember the first time I saw the trailer … I was like, ‘Why see any other movie when all the movies are in that one?’ — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Cloud Atlas @1:50:43

There are stakes here. He has got to kill Dracula so that the babies die. Right. [laughter] Which, as a sentence, as your third act thing for any movie, put that into The Muppets. … You have to kill Dracula so all the babies die! — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Van Helsing @2:01:56

[Hanks’ character] was going to [make] dentures, so that [a woman who wronged him] would buy them, so that at some party he could expose her for wearing cannibal dentures and totally ruin her for high society. Classic Hanks. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Cloud Atlas @1:39:17

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