[re: Magneto] He’s not takin’ off his helmet, ’cause then, Charles will just be like, ‘Okay, now I’m gonna make you feel eternal pain…, and you’re gonna think you’re a chicken.’ [imitates chicken in pain] — Ultimate Movie Commentary,
X-Men: First Class @2:00:24

How come Xavier doesn’t just take over Azazel’s mind and reverse the ship himself? Pbbbth. Good question. — Ultimate Movie Commentary,
X-Men: First Class @1:38:46

[re: just grabbing the coin] [as Shaw] Okay, you found the loophole in my plan. I never technically said you had to use your mind. Alright, your mom and you are free to go. Whatever. — Ultimate Movie Commentary,
X-Men: First Class @0:08:22

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