I always expect at the end when he goes, ‘I’m Carl Denham!’ … the cop should be like, ‘Carl Denham, you’re under arrest for destruction of New York City for irresponsible showmanship.’ — Two True Freaks,
King Kong (1933) @0:11:49

[re: space scheming] And I love how Loki—whenever he’s in some situation like this—he’s like, ‘Oh, better put the horns on.’ — Two True Freaks,
The Avengers @0:38:12

When you look at the Peter Jackson Kong and the ’76 Kong, … [there is] some sort of platonic romance between her and Kong. She’s … shedding a tear for Kong. … But when you look at the ’33 Kong, it ain’t there at all. — Two True Freaks,
King Kong (1933) @1:31:41

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