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Live-action film series

  1. Transformers (2007) (11)
  2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (10)
  3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (4)

Animated films and television

The dude’s got the best shifty eyes in the business. I love John Turturro. Yeah. I call him ‘Shifty-Eyed Turturro’ behind his back. [laughter] I say it to his face! [laughter] I could never do that. I’m too insecure. — Movie Blog,
Transformers @:1:18:14

This kind of movie making is circus on film, where circus doesn’t tell you a story. Circus is about … spectacle until you get tired and go home. — Down in Front,
Transformers @0:43:32

How big of a star is this Shia kid gonna be? You know, the dude can act. In every scene that should have been complete cheese, he makes it real. He saves it. Yeah. He pulls it out. — Movie Blog,
Transformers @:0:10:53

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