Just a note about Karloff’s outfit here—he looks like he could be in an early ’80s new wave band. [laughter] The snaps on the side… He would fit in with Gary Newman. I hear you there. — Terror Transmission,
The Black Cat @0:35:56

Here are the peasants. They’re finally making their way to the outside of the castle. With their infectious dead in a cart! ‘Please let us in!’ — Terror Transmission,
Masque of the Red Death @1:09:45

Oh! And there’s the … first time you see the Blob. … It’s basically time lapse photography done on miniatures. … Now, is there any strawberry jam in there? … Well, it had just eaten Olin Howland, so it should have something in there. — Terror Transmission,
The Blob @0:46:07

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