It’s all re-channeled sexual tension here. … Homoeroticism? … No. … Well, you know, the tagline for this is ‘Man is the warmest place to hide.’ [laughter] Okay, so there’s a gay undertone to this whole film. — Terror Transmission,
The Thing @1:15:57

Why is Scotty sitting there, with him, watching him play solitaire? … That’s kind of a contradiction. … He can’t share it. … That’s ‘dualtaire’. — Terror Transmission,
The Thing from Another World @1:19:30

And here she’s figured it out: [Steven] Marcato is Roman Castevet—which isn’t worth that many points in the Scrabble paradigm. … ‘Roman’ is worth 7 and ‘Castevet’ is worth … 13. — Terror Transmission,
Rosemary’s Baby part 2 @0:32:18

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