I love the film they’re watching of the killer ants, … reminiscent of, again, Nazi propaganda films. … [as Nazi narrator] ‘Like the Jew, the rat bleh bleh bleh….’ [laughter] It has that same vibe. … We love the Jews too. — Terror Transmission,
Them! @0:52:05

That bullet hole is self-inflicted because he strangled his daughter. … In the original script, they were having an incestuous love affair together and … Count Mora could not live with the guilt. — Terror Transmission,
Mark of the Vampire @0:42:03

Francis has left his wife at a crossroads. Doesn’t he know? Crossroads: not okay! … I don’t even mind her little dented chin. … It’s not quite a butt-chin. — Terror Transmission,
Dracula: Prince of Darkness @1:10:01

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