Oh my god, the chopper’s sitting on the other side of this tunnel he’s driving thru. Just drive thru it, man! You’re in an ambulance! You can do it! I don’t know about that. I’ve done it. Look: I have a huge scar now. — Technicolor Commentary,
The Fugitive @0:36:44

The fact that she doesn’t react to the ghost makes it less scary for me. What if she went, like, ‘Hey, ghost.’ Would that make it more scary? That would be scarier. — Technicolor Commentary,
Stir of Echoes @1:02:51

You know when Buzz … is hiding, and he ends up seeing the Buzz Lightyear toy commercial? You’d think a lesser man would just commit suicide. … He’d be like, ‘My life is a lie.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
Toy Story @0:51:46

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