They dive on the chicken, and I’m convinced that they shot the chicken some other way, ’cause … would they really just risk smooshing a chicken? Well, they probably have chicken handlers. Or, as I like to call them, ‘c*** handlers.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
O Brother, Where Art Thou? @0:10:19

There’s one scene in Toy Story 2 that I almost cried at. … If you’re almost gonna cry, you need to go all out and just do it. Yeah, but it’s— I cried during Serpico. — Technicolor Commentary,
Toy Story @0:16:55

Look at John Turturro dancing in the background. I must say, that’s a good dance move. Very. And it works in the club scene. — Technicolor Commentary,
O Brother, Where Art Thou? @1:28:55

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