If you were a ghost, … you would want to talk to kids, right? … I’d want to talk to postal workers. I’d want to talk to college students and be like, [spooky voice] ‘Staaaay in schoooool.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
Stir of Echoes @0:39:24

You know when Buzz … is hiding, and he ends up seeing the Buzz Lightyear toy commercial? You’d think a lesser man would just commit suicide. … He’d be like, ‘My life is a lie.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
Toy Story @0:51:46

You know who voices the main sergeant here? … It’s R. Lee Irmy. I don’t know who that is. Yes, you do. It’s the guy who plays the angry army drill sergeant in every movie ever. — Technicolor Commentary,
Toy Story @0:15:04

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