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  1. Superman: The Movie (21)
  2. Superman II (15)
  3. Superman III (7)
  4. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (7)

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The role of Superman has destroyed the careers of everyone who has ever taken it. … George Reeves: dead. Dean Cain: dead. Christopher Reeve … Dean Cain’s not dead, but his career is. Is Dean Cain alive?! — Comic Book Cast,
Man of Steel @0:50:23

How do they keep moving like 40 feet away but the Sears logo is always in the frame? — Comic Book Cast,
Man of Steel @1:35:20

[Clark is framed against a stained-glass window of Jesus] Now that’s f—in’ subtle imagery. Okay guys, do you get it?? Do ya get it yet??Jesus is even wearing a red cape! — Comic Book Cast,
Man of Steel @1:10:00

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