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‘They let us go.’ There’s that whole thing. … So do you think that Obi-Wan didn’t actually turn off the [tractor] beam? He actually just, like, turned off the soft serve in the cafeteria? Hmm, yeah, maybe. — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:40:06

When I was a little kid, [I wondered] ‘What does the Empire do that’s so bad?’ … Suddenly I recalled from school there was this civil war and the rebels wanted slavery. … I started thinking, ‘Are the rebels the bad guys?’ — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:23:44

There goes the ‘certain point of view’ crap again. She actually calls him on it, of course, [laughter] making her slightly smarter than Luke Skywalker. — Tysto Commentaries,
Pink Five Saga @0:21:13

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