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You gotta watch Family Guy to get this, ’cause this guy is a pederast. Yeah, yeah. I picked up on that. I don’t think that you— That’s pretty blatant. — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:15:46

Not to tell too many tales, but … about 8 seconds before we started shooting this movie, you had a traumatic breakup. … I will say, there’s a lot more anti-boyfriend energy in this movie [laughter] than was on the page. — Pink Five Official,
Pink Five Strikes Back @0:04:06

They did a book of … what everyone was doing in that cantina. The Figrin D’an story was pretty good.… They hold up one of the Hutts’ places; try to get them to play their demo tape on the radio? — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:20:39

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