Why is the rubbish dump Lancashire? Is that some comment on Lancashire? Oh, well, may be. I’m sure it’s a perfectly fine place. — Staggering Stories,
Doctor Who ‘The Beast Below’ @0:20:57

You certainly get the impression that [Lorna] has met a future version … of this Doctor. I presume so, yeah. … I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a younger version of her in the Gamma Forest in the next half season. — Staggering Stories,
Doctor Who ‘Good Man Goes to War’ @0:17:47

No disrespect to RTD—nine times out of ten, I could guess how they were gettin’ out of it in previous seasons. Yeah. This time, I’ve got no idea. I was just flummoxed. — Staggering Stories,
Doctor Who ‘The Pandorica Opens’ @0:49:46

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