This … makes me think of Back to the Future: the pan over of all the clocks. … This movie would be so much better if it too had a breakfast machine. … Altho I don’t want to see the vampire version of that. Probably be pretty gross. — Sofa Dogs,
Fright Night @0:45:57

It’s a poop monster. … We’re talking about the potential end of the world, and … angels and God and demons, and then there’s this. … What are you, movie? … This would be an awesome single issue [of a comic book]. — Commentary Track Stars and Sofa Dogs,
Dogma @1:01:31

It’s really well done. And my guess is: [Dougherty] can’t do it again. I dare him to make another one of those movies that’s that good. I also dare him! — Sofa Dogs,
Trick ‘r Treat @1:23:15

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