Buffy tells Xander that he can’t come along and help her. … He’d get hurt or killed. But yet … were it not for her friends helping her … Buffy probably would have died … by the end of the season. — Sofa Dogs,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1×02 @0:11:16

[re: the Blu-ray] It’s a gorgeous transfer, but the problem is it makes the special effects later in the film look horrible. … You can see more of the flaws. You can really tell that’s a hunk of boloney being cut in half. — Sofa Dogs,
The Evil Dead @0:05:19

I don’t remember who played Margaret White in the mini-series but … she was just really understated. And that’s just not what you do with this part. Yeah. No offense, but, in this case, you go full retard. — Sofa Dogs,
Carrie @1:09:46

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