The big mystery … ends up being this weird red herring that doesn’t mean a damn thing. [laughter] … It’s pretty much a whole 45 minutes, hour, of nothing that they lead you off on this trail for no reason. — Sofa Dogs,
I Know What You Did Last Summer @0:48:15

That meal looks really good. … Yeah, [her mom is] like, ‘How is it?’ And she just hasn’t touched it at all. She’s fileted it, basically. ‘Well, I dissected it. It looks okay.’ — Sofa Dogs,
I Know What You Did Last Summer @0:28:58

This shot of the vampires walking in slow motion, coming out of the darkness, is one of my favorite shots … in the entire series. — Sofa Dogs,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1×02 @0:36:02

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