According to Curtiz’s adopted son, Curtiz spoke five languages and all of them very badly. … One of [his] many quotes … was ‘The next time I want an idiot to do this, I’ll do it myself!’ — Sean Pultz,
Mystery of the Wax Museum @0:20:21

Fay Wray … only worked on the film for 10 weeks, but those 10 weeks were spread out over 10 months. There was so much time between filming periods that some of the actors were able to make entire movies. — Sean Pultz,
King Kong (1933) @0:16:58

I always love the inserts that Curtiz uses. … He’s like Steven Spielberg. Sometimes a shot appears in a split second—or a camera move. And sometimes it leaves an indelible image in your mind. — Sean Pultz,
Mystery of the Wax Museum @0:34:06

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