It makes you sympathize for [Kong]. ‘Cause this is, again, a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ story, in the same vein of Hunchback of Notre Dame or Phantom of the Opera, where he’s not fully evil. He’s just misunderstood. — Sean Pultz,
King Kong (1933) @1:23:38

I always like when [Kong] turns into a little monkey and plays with the [dead dinosaur’s] jaw. — Sean Pultz,
King Kong (1933) @1:04:41

$10 per ticket, this would have been a tremendous cost in Depression-wrecked 1933. In contrast, a ticket to see the 1933 New York Yankees … or to this movie itself, it would have been about 35 cents. — Sean Pultz,
King Kong (1933) @1:25:05

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