[female voices, re: Spock and Kirk] Gosh, they even stalk alike. That is hot. Yeah. … I love that they’re the same height. They could seriously get it on. — Poufwa Exchange,
Star Trek @1:56:05

[Dumbledore tells Harry he’s not alone] And then just a little pat. ‘You call me if you need me. I’ll be in my office with the door closed.’ [laughter] ‘I’m gonna ignore you for the next six months.’ — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire @2:26:26

The freaking teeny-boppers who are friends with me on Facebook are all like ‘Going to see Star Trek again.’ When did Star Trek become socially acceptable? Because— When really hot guys got cast as Kirk and Spock. — Poufwa Exchange,
Star Trek @0:15:52

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