Rygel is an old, fat politician who got defeated. … All he wants to do is sleep, eat, and get revenge. …. He’s kind of like Ted Kennedy. — Poufwa Exchange,
Farscape 1×01 @0:33:41

[Kobayashi Maru exercise, as Kirk] ‘Red blinky guns to full power. Blue blinky guns stand by in case we run out of red blinky guns.’ [laughter] [re: apple] ‘Is there a trash can in here?’ — Poufwa Exchange,
Star Trek @0:39:18

I want to know where exactly they go here. … They go to their lighthouse that they own.It’s the worst time-share ever! [laughter] ‘It’s our week!’ — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter 1: Sorcerer’s Stone @0:19:08

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