Can you imagine Hermione trying to explain sex to Ron? [as Hermione] ‘You’re doing it wrong.’ [laughter]She probably got him books? ‘You’re going to put someone’s eye out.’ — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter 1: Sorcerer’s Stone @1:13:55

[snake attack] I’m not gonna jump because I was told I was gonna jump, so I’m not gonna jump. Even if they—aaaaugh! [laughter] I jumped! — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter 7: Deathly Hallows 1 @1:40:24

Narcissa Malfoy saved the wizarding world. … And she did it for Draco. How many fics do we read where they’d sell Draco down the river for, like, better parking at the Death Eater meetings? — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter 6: Half-Blood Prince @0:22:18

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