[re: Criswell] His hair looks like ocean beach at high tide. I think I see a tiny Kelly Slater in the curl. — Rifftrax,
Plan 9 from Outer Space @0:02:53

‘Dreamer,’ as in ♪♫ Dreamer! Nothing but a dreamer! ♪♫ Like that? Absolutely not. No, in that way, she’s more like [higher pitch] ♪♫ Dreamer! Nothing but a dreamer! ♪♫ … I’m gonna start swingin’ fists! — Rifftrax,
Inception @0:52:00

Why do people in Diagon Alley dress like they’re characters in a Dickens novel? This is just the Dickensian district. It’s a tourist thing, like Colonial Williamsburg. — Rifftrax,
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone @0:22:44

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