I love the fact that [Bond’s prison] mustache is wonky. That’s bothered me since the first time I saw it. They don’t like it when you stand up in the cinema and shout, ‘Wonky mustache!’ — Renegade Commentaries,
Die Another Day @0:19:13

Why would you want hacker names anyway if you don’t want to live in the computer? Well, these are not really hacker names. You’re telling me their parents called them ‘Tank’ and ‘Dozer’?! They’re nicknames! — Renegade Commentaries,
The Matrix

Here we have the SWAT team … moving in on this f***ing kid. What were they expecting this 8-year-old child to be armed with? … Surely they could entice him out with Barney the Dinosaur. — Renegade Commentaries,

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