[Re: lobby shoot-out] A scene like this in a movie—every decade, is worth a Columbine. It totally is. Whoa!Write your hate mail to downinfrontshow@gmail.com. — Down in Front,
The Matrix @1:49:40

At one point, he asks Nicholson, ‘Are you sleeping with my daughter?’ Now in real life, Nicholson was sleeping with John Huston’s daughter … Angelica Huston. They were living together. — Film Grok,
Chinatown @1:09:37

It is kind of this absurdist take on it. … Life is chaos. It’s random. It’s absolutely absurd the things that go on, but … underneath that absurdity, you can find beauty. And I think this is absurdism without the beauty. — Down in Front,
Watchmen @0:56:46

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