[re: mountain climbing] There’s no way that that is Shatner.It’s Shatner cut it half. And they glued a fit guy to the other half? [laughter] … I don’t believe it’s Shatner. But I do believe it’s Kirk. — Jon Madsen and Trek West 5,
Star Trek 5 @0:10:04

Who was he screaming at? … [Blackheart] was just yelling at the camera, right? Blaaah! I guess to spook us out. That’s one of the things that makes a dumb movie. — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Ghost Rider @0:32:56

And there goes the house. I guess you could say when the house is going ‘There goes the neighborhood.’ — Bradley Taylor,
Jack the Giant Slayer @0:25:27

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