That car looks so mean that I expect rockets to pop out from areas around its body. — Chin Stroker vs Punter,
Cobra 0:52:25

[as pall-bearer penguins] ‘Uh, guys, so now what do we do?’ [laughter] ‘Uhh.’ ‘Anyone want to go get a coffee?’ ‘Awright.’ They all walk away. ‘Wak wak wak wak wak.’ [laughter] ‘Let’s go watch an episode of Friends.’ — This Week in Geek,
Batman Returns @2:01:18

[re: Adam Arkin] He does look like George Clooney. You know what tho? I never thought about it. But he does look like George Clooney! —,
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later @0:50:16

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