Ah, yes. The time when men wore frilly nonsense around their necks. I want to wear frilly nonsense again. Well, you can. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Vampire of Venice’ @0:38:15

How come no one on Doctor Who has an iPhone? … ‘Cause the show would be over in five minutes. … What are the Zygons? [actual Siri] I don’t know what you mean. [laughter]Not so smart now, are ya, Siri? — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’ @0:50:19

[sniff] No, that was just me sniffing. Don’t worry. We watched this three or four times beforehand, so we could become desensitized. I didn’t. I may become a weepy mess. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Doomsday’ @0:38:07

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