[Amy rounds corner where the krafayis was] How did she manage not to get slaughtered by the space chicken? She is the space chicken. Ooh. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ @0:52:06

If there’s kids involved, everybody’s gonna be fine. So there’s no danger! Because: a small kid goes to his death? No, he’s not. He’s going to his mild inconvenience. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe’ @0:51:40

[as Dalek] El-e-vate. Ah. … It’s Adam’s look that sells it. … [as Adam] Oh God. He’s made such a liar out of me. I just said that he couldn’t climb the stairs and now he is. I owe him five bucks. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Dalek’ @ 1:16:11

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