I remember busting up laughing over and over, watching that guy just freak out over a statue. … He quails like an old ’30s gangster’s moll. He might as well just put the … back of his hand to his forehead. Aaaauh! — Cort & Fatboy,
Raiders of the Lost Ark @0:01:40

The only horror movie we’d survive is The Wicker Man. … Because of the temptation scene. … She gets naked and bangs on his wall. … And he goes back to bed. … WhereasWe’d’ve been right round there. — DVD Commentaries UK,
The Shining @1:46:06

Somehow the ark gets back to Egypt, so I’m guessin’ [Moses] went back to kick some ass. … He’s like, ‘Hey, we got commandments now in a frickin’ golden box!’ Commandments that say ‘Don’t kill anyone.’ [as Moses] Let’s go win a war! — Sick Feats,
Raiders of the Lost Ark @1:05:30

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