What if you went back in time, and you saw your mom when she was 17, and she was crazy hot? My mom was crazy hot at 17. Would you get a halfie? … No! It’s my mom, dude! … She’s crazy hot! — Low Charisma Party: Mix Tape,
Back to the Future @0:47:49

[Harpo chases woman] [as director] This scene needs a comedic button to fade out on. [as Harpo] What if it’s rape? [as Director] Let’s do it! Let’s do that! — Low Charisma Party: Mix Tape,
Animal Crackers @0:26:05

I wouldn’t leap to any conclusions. … I would more believe clone than extra-dimensional Dale, spiritual Dale, ghost Dale— Time-travel Dale? … If time-travel Dale comes back, he knows what to say. — Low Charisma Party: Mix Tape,
Moon @0:37:54

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