Here we go, see: two old, leather chairs and an old, crappy telly. Yeah, looks like my apartment. Well… two crappy chairs anyway. They’re not leather. — Renegade Commentaries,
The Matrix

Why would you want hacker names anyway if you don’t want to live in the computer? Well, these are not really hacker names. You’re telling me their parents called them ‘Tank’ and ‘Dozer’?! They’re nicknames! — Renegade Commentaries,
The Matrix

What was Arnie, a T-100, was it? … So presumably there were 99 before him that were a bit sh**. … They were probably all like Robot Wars. … I’ve got one of those Roomba automatic robot vacuum cleaners. I reckon that’s a T-1. — Speakeasy,
The Matrix @0:25:19

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