[as director] Come on in, Carrie-Anne. I think it’ll be an easy day for ya, to some degree. You’ll be … pretending to be asleep. Oh, by the way— And Joey Pants is gonna have his mustache in your face for the whole day. — Tysto and Sofa Dogs,
The Matrix @1:27:50

One wonders why the Oracle doesn’t move here, ’cause this looks pretty nice. She could clean it up and have a lot more space. … There’s probably a lot of asbestos. [laughter] … ‘I can’t make cookies here!’ — Tysto and Sofa Dogs,
The Matrix @1:21:00

I love this. … ‘What were you doing?’ My question, tho, is: what was he doing? He sort of goes, ‘I wasn’t kissing him!’ … ‘Don’t come in here! I’m wrapping presents!’ — Tysto and Sofa Dogs,
The Matrix @1:44:49

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