What was Arnie, a T-100, was it? … So presumably there were 99 before him that were a bit sh**. … They were probably all like Robot Wars. … I’ve got one of those Roomba automatic robot vacuum cleaners. I reckon that’s a T-1. — Speakeasy,
The Matrix @0:25:19

[Trinity is] goin’, ‘What is that freako doin’ to my body right now?’ … ‘Why do I feel weird?’ Good chance Joey Pants is dry-humpin’ you right now. — Down in Front,
The Matrix @1:34:10

[Re: lobby shoot-out] A scene like this in a movieā€”every decade, is worth a Columbine. It totally is. Whoa!Write your hate mail to downinfrontshow@gmail.com. — Down in Front,
The Matrix @1:49:40

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