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Now the dinocroc should get on the radio and be like, ‘Send more deputies.’ … And they could have this Die Hard kind of thing, where they talk back and forth on the radio all the time. — Tysto Commentaries,
Dinocroc @1:00:48

In films these days, it seems that there’s far too much desire to get the story jump started immediately—of course, this film started with a nuclear explosion, so maybe I’m talkin’ out of one side of my mouth. — Bloody Pit of Rod,
The Giant Behemoth @0:23:49

We’re introducing these characters and their breasts. That’s effective. I want to be well-informed about their breasts for later on in the film, so it will make me care about the characters. — Tysto Commentaries,
2-Headed Shark Attack @0:06:08

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