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‘Triumphant yet peaceful music rises’? And it really is triumphant yet peaceful. And the ‘tense music’ at the beginning really was tense. If you’re listening to this, and you’re deaf, I assure you, these closed captions are very accurate. — Tysto Commentaries,
Dinocroc @1:18:29

That’s the best shot of all time. … It’s Barry Bostwick on a Zodiac, going 30 miles an hour, with a 7-foot gun, screaming at a giant whale. What more do you want?! — Down in Front,
2010: Moby Dick @1:28:07

[as Lily, regarding Jason] Whoa, whoa, did I give that impression? … The very thought of him made me shiver with revulsion. I gagged when he touched me! His clammy skin was— [as Rob] Okay, enough about my dead brother. — Rifftrax,

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