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That’s the best shot of all time. … It’s Barry Bostwick on a Zodiac, going 30 miles an hour, with a 7-foot gun, screaming at a giant whale. What more do you want?! — Down in Front,
2010: Moby Dick @1:28:07

[re: ‘gas tank’] They got away with stacking film cans on a pile of sand and superimposing an explosion over it instead of building a miniature. — Bloody Pit of Rod,
The Giant Behemoth @1:09:56

O MY GOD IT’S MOBY DICK AND HE’S EATIN’ A GIANT HELIC— Now, wait a minute. He’s eating a helicopter with the rotor running. That would hurt. You can’t just devour a moving helicopter. — Tysto Commentaries,
2010: Moby Dick @0:46:10

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