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In films these days, it seems that there’s far too much desire to get the story jump started immediately—of course, this film started with a nuclear explosion, so maybe I’m talkin’ out of one side of my mouth. — Bloody Pit of Rod,
The Giant Behemoth @0:23:49

[re: ‘gas tank’] They got away with stacking film cans on a pile of sand and superimposing an explosion over it instead of building a miniature. — Bloody Pit of Rod,
The Giant Behemoth @1:09:56

They’re not stupid. [They know] Dinocroc is not hanging out, playing pool, at the heavy metal club. These people would just have the right contacts on the street to be able to tell them where Dinocroc does hang out. — Tysto Commentaries,
Dinocroc @0:28:12

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