That’s it. This movie sucks. Yeah. That’s not realistic at all. … Well, look no further than the fact that the real world has more colors than this. What’s up with that? It’s like Kansas. Everyone’s gray. — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Young Frankenstein

This one’s a horror film. Evil Dead 2, there’s not really any horror in it. It’s very much played for slapstick comedy. … Army of Darkness really takes a distant third for me. I agree. — Terror Transmission,
The Evil Dead @0:52:58

It’s a poop monster. … We’re talking about the potential end of the world, and … angels and God and demons, and then there’s this. … What are you, movie? … This would be an awesome single issue [of a comic book]. — Commentary Track Stars and Sofa Dogs,
Dogma @1:01:31

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