[flying the Winnebago] And the argument they have about which exit to take is brilliant.[sarcastically] You know, there’s a great moment like this in 2012, too.And yet somehow it’s more cartoony in 2012 than it is here. — Down in Front,
The Incredibles @1:40:54

She’ll proportion herself anyway she wants. … I want that superpower. I want my wife to have that superpower.I think all women want that superpower. — Film Grok,
The Incredibles @1:19:59

When I grew up, people f***in’ died in Jonny Quest. … We learned that actions have consequences from Jonny Quest, whereas GI Joe is like, ‘Naw, it doesn’t matter how big an explosion you’re in, you’ll just walk away from it.’ — Down in Front,
The Incredibles @1:25:13

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