I’m not comfortable with Barry Williams’ ‘telepresence’. He’s literally phoning it in in this movie. … Get your ass on a plane and get down to … the Orinoco River and get eaten by mega piranhas! — Tysto Commentaries,
Mega Piranha @0:40:02

Hitchcock directed the entire movie without leaving Jimmy Stewart’s apartment, Oh! ‘kay. which is really cool. Everyone has earpieces on. — Film Thugs,
Rear Window @0:09:47

In [Alien], she finds Tom Skerritt. Yeah. … How horrific has that got to be? You’re still alive, … and everything from your knees down has turned into [an] alien organism that is going to end with a catcher’s mitt with a vagina mouth. — Cort & Fatboy,
Aliens @0:40:27

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