Just imagine Humphrey Bogart living to be 80 and doing movies into his late 70s, if he had been like John Huston. What a strange world that would be. … Is there a place for Humphrey Bogart in Chinatown with John Huston? — Tysto Commentaries,
The Maltese Falcon @0:15:36

Goin’ back to the costume designer. Edith Head! … The woman that won the most Oscars in history for costume design. … For anyone who’s interested in costume design. No, good call, man. It’s all part of the fabric of cinema. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
Rooster Cogburn @1:19:52

That’s a fantastic beard. Can you grow a beard like that…? I don’t think you can. … It’s like his face got dunked in a bowl of hair-growing stuff. … [laughter] He got … dunked into a vat of beard. — Down in Front,
Iron Man @1:41:15

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