He could go, ‘Okay, I may not have retrieved the tooth, but this is the head of the person [killed by] the tooth.’ [laughter] … They would have paid a lot more attention to him. — Speakeasy,
Jaws @0:53:49

[Sean Pertwee] would’ve been an awesome Doctor. … Instead of ‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.’ It’s ‘F***in’ get over it!’ [laughter] Punchin’ a dalek in the face! — Shut up & Watch This,
Event Horizon @0:24:25

Look at this, will you? Isn’t that frightening? … I reckon the shark has invited all his shark friends over to watch all this. And to laugh. I just love the guy with the dynamite, chucking it in the water. — MMM Commentaries,
Jaws @0:29:45

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