['Kotcheff' bitter that 'Sly' took over] [as Stallone] You know what you directed about 7 years after this? Weekend at Bernie’s. Well— Case closed. I was going thru a— … How ‘nuanced’ was that turd? — MovieRot,
First Blood @0:20:33

What about this? … This is the opening scene. … And a f***in’ boat—and this happens! … And then number 3 is just ‘I can’t believe all the f***in’ dinosaurs we got in San Diego! … [pause] And it’s Comic-Con weekend!’ — Down in Front,
The Lost World: Jurassic Park @1:52:58

Now they said, ‘Now, Mr. Troughton, can you run around pretending something’s chasing you?’ And he said, ‘That’s all right. I did three years of that.’ — MMM Commentaries,
The Omen @0:39:40

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