I tried to start my own cult based on this. But people couldn’t afford two axes, so I had to cancel it. We all had one ax each. We couldn’t clang ‘em together or nothin’. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
Cobra @ 0:54:45

It’s … Hard Target, but sh*tty. … We did a [JCVD double feature].And DoubleStuf Oreos. … Compared to watching this … that would’ve been like winning Mega Millions. — DVD PodBlast,
The Pest @0:29:11

‘Water always wins. Water waits.’ Just shutup, David. [laughter] We get the point. Yes. It’s really menacing without you banging on about it. Stop hitting us with that wet fish. — MMM Commentaries,
Doctor Who ‘Waters of Mars’ @0:21:22

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