Why did they cast Leonard Nimoy and then have Scott Glenn dub his lines? [laughter] Scott Glenn is gettin’ weird-lookin’, isn’t he? — Down in Front,
Sucker Punch @1:05:09

Quint’s service rifle is actually an M1 Garand. … An Army-issued rifle. … I also want to point out that the M1 Garand, when the zombie apocalypse comes, is the preferred weapon. — Film Fever Radio,
Jaws @2:03:09

An hour-and-a-half of exposition, and then [the ending] Whoa! … Little spoiler alert, please! Oh, I’m sorry. … They all live happily ever after in Candy Cane Lane House. Are there bunnies? — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Ghost Rider @0:50:15

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