That is a fine picture of himself behind him. … I had a professor … who actually had a picture of himself on his desk. … And he was midget too. … I detected … a bit of hubris that was making up for a couple of things. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Dalek’ @ 0:56:37

Over his shoulder, you can see Lucas’s daughter, with the blue face. … Oh, poor girl. Wouldn’t you think they’d give her some makeup to cover that? — MMM Commentaries,
Star Wars 6: Revenge of the Sith @0:23:40

When I grew up, people f***in’ died in Jonny Quest. … We learned that actions have consequences from Jonny Quest, whereas GI Joe is like, ‘Naw, it doesn’t matter how big an explosion you’re in, you’ll just walk away from it.’ — Down in Front,
The Incredibles @1:25:13

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