[as Jonathan] Now I’m gonna take the quickest massage ever. [counts to 10] [Jonathan gets out of massage chair] Good. — Horror Movie a Day,
Shocker @0:51:47

I had the Empire Strikes Back lunch box. … I had a Yoda hand puppet—that I still own. … I used to have Space Shuttle wallpaper. Then when I got my first girlfriend, my mother made me change it. Women. They don’t understand. — Speakeasy,
Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back @0:50:56

[re: Sam and Molly] Didn’t she just break up with him? Why is he saving her? … I would have went out of my way to individually, secretly tell everyone except her on the bus. — Death’s Door Prods,
Final Destination 5 @0:23:20

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