You actually forget this is Helena Bonham Carter. You almost think this is Emma Watson just— Dressed up like [Bellatrix]. Yeah. … You forget how old she is. She’s got at least a good 20 years on the trio. — PotterFicWeekly,
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 @0:26:50

I always expected there, in the alley, to be Lady and the Tramp, eating some spaghetti. [laughter] Again, director’s cut. — Sofa Dogs,
Fright Night @1:01:53

And now the comedy starts! Are you guys all buckled in? Yes. It’s gonna get hilarious! I thought it already started, ’cause I’ve been laughin’ on the inside for quite some time now. — DVD PodBlast,
Nothing But Trouble 0:28:35

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