A scene should accomplish at least two things at once to make sure it’s interesting…, and there’s a lot of great examples in this. Hmm. Apply that to porn. Ok— No. … Well, they’re often doing two things at once, I will say. — Down in Front,
The Incredibles @0:29:58

I like that Michael Clarke Duncan didn’t just dress up as a woman. He went so far as to put on eye shadow. Sure, man. Michael Clarke Duncan does not do anything half-assed. … He puts his whole ass into it. — Gymkommentary,
The Scorpion King @1:10:29

[re: opening action] This was 9 years ago, even tho he looks the same. Maybe they should’ve got Timothy Dalton in for this bit and said it was 9 years ago, before he regenerated. — MMM Commentaries,
Goldeneye @0:14:32

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