[re: ‘Earthshock’] The production office was bombarded with… almost a dozen letters [laughter] … wanting to know how the Doctor could possibly fire a gun inside the Tardis if it’s in ‘a state of temporal grace.’ — Impossible Podcast,
Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:13:05

I’m not so sure he should have felt quite so guilty about Rose. [as the Doctor] ‘I left you with your own David Tennant boy-toy [laughter] in an alternative universe where you’re fabulously wealthy and powerful!’ Hmmm. — Impossible Podcast,
Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:31:48

Certain fans … do complain that the show spends too much time in Cardiff. … It’s not like … back in the ’70s: the aliens are invading the most important place on Earth—the home counties [laughter] again. — Impossible Podcasts,
Doctor Who ‘The Unquiet Dead’ @0:15:58

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