She’s actually becoming a character, rather than someone who’s just a one-line irritant, which she had been up until pretty much this series. Yes. She was a little smug. A little? — Impossible Podcasts,
Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ @0:54:42

I have issues with this beach, because it’s Bad Wolf Bay. And it’s a very obvious location. They’ve used it several times in Doctor Who. — Impossible Podcasts,
Doctor Who ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ @0:13:12

One of the spinoff novels, … Illegal Alien. I think that reveals that cybermats are cyber-converted babies, which is suitably disturbing. … [gasp] They should have turned the baby into a cybermat! Nooo! No, Swithun! Oh, sorry. — Impossible Podcasts,
Doctor Who ‘Closing Time’ @0:24:36

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