Why [ending]?! You know when you’ve got your bread in the toaster and you think … it’s gonna burn? And then you … tell [your toaster] you love it, and then your bread doesn’t burn? It’s like that. — Impossible Podcast,
Doctor Who ‘Victory of the Daleks’ @0:39:51

You guys see the people with the masks in the background? … On the beach! It’s nice to know that even tho you’ve lost your soul, … and all hope is gone, you can sit and enjoy a nice sunset. — Impossible Podcast,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day – Categories of Life’ @0:16:56

I thought he was a bad guy, which is a little bit sad. I think it shows the stereotyping of men with beards. … Mickey a terrorist?! … He’s got an AK-47-style gun; he’s got a beard; and he’s not white. He’s definitely a terrorist. — Podcast of Impossible Things,
Doctor Who ‘End of Time 2′ @1:05:20

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