So, dibs out for Madeleine Khan and Teri Garr. No one wants Cloris Leachman? Frau Bluecher? No. [whinny] — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Young Frankenstein

[noise over Skype call] I’m not even gonna ask what that sound was. That sounded like a snore. Yeah, somebody’s nodded off. You can’t nod off during this scene, come on! … [snoring] [laughter] — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
The Blues Brothers

This, right here, is why Indiana Jones is the p-izz-imp. He has a freakin’ smoking jacket. … It’s got the quilted cuffs and collar. … It’s like they killed three couches to make that jacket. — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Raiders of the Lost Ark @0:32:21

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