You know, about 5 years ago, my mother gave me an envelope that says, ‘Do not open until 2020.’ No kidding? I haven’t been tempted to open it, but I have been curious about what’s in it. — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Back to the Future @1:27:40

Did Westley cheat? Or was that totally fair…? It was a battle of wits, and the guy had every opportunity to figure out that he might have poisoned both cups. — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
The Princess Bride @0:47:55

I think if this movie were made today, it would be a sexier dress than she’s wearing. … He’s wearing a sexier outfit than she is. That’s true. He’s showing more cleavage! — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
The Princess Bride @0:56:38

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