[re: time travel] So, basically what we have is the film maker saying, ‘That’s a very good question, but observe my hands waving around, and you’ve forgotten all about that question!’ — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Back to the Future @1:45:09

[The subtitles] said ‘holy dragon.’ I always thought he was saying … ‘the hell of the horny dragon.’ Isn’t that scarier…? … I guess it depends on what you feel about dragons. — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Big Trouble in Little China

It’s a two-headed dragon, but you only have to kill one of the heads, and then it dies? ♫ One of these heads is not like the other. ♫ [laughter] … ♫ One of these heads just isn’t the same. ♫ — Hey, Want to Watch a Movie?,
Willow @1:45:28

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