Oh, that’s right down the street! That’s the Chicago Hilton! You can point to it! … Actually, it’s right there behind the building I’m pointing at. … That’s like the best thing you can do in an audio podcast. — Technicolor Commentary,
The Fugitive @1:38:38

‘Thank God you got into that refrigerator.’ They don’t let it go, either! … They keep bringing it up? Yeah! They’ll bring it up one more time. … I’m like, why do you keep throwing that in my face? Let it go. Move on. I was gonna let it go. — Geekza,
Indy 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull @0:29:11

That was yet another opportunity for her to go, ‘This is perfect. Just hang on. … They’re gonna take us right into the inner sanctum. And then, five minutes, we’re done!’ — Down in Front,
Cowboys & Aliens @1:17:28

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