Now, I’m a little confused looking at the IMDb entry for this, because I do not see a Ray Romano, a John Leguizamo, a Dennis Leary, or any of those guys. — Tysto Commentaries,
2012: Ice Age @0:00:18

I don’t even know how he got on the boat. … Cute story: there’s about two minutes missing out of the movie there, because— I was saying that! … I said, ‘I feel like the layer change skipped over a couple minutes.’ — Down in Front,
2010: Moby Dick @1:13:23

If only they’d had a computer to do these effects with. But they didn’t, so they had to think of something else. Well, the computer probably would have snapped and gone crazy and killed them all. — Down in Front,
2001: A Space Odyssey @2:14:27

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