Oh, there’s Lauren Tom! … She mainly does voiceover work now. … I’m a big fan of Futurama. She’s the voice of Amy. No! — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
See No Evil, Hear No Evil @0:58:49

King Willie. King Willie there. I called him ‘Big Willie’ earlier, but it’s actually ‘King Willie’. Well, that’s a rumor. [laughter] And another stereotype! — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
Predator 2 @0:43:26

[cave scene] That’s like him going down into his subconscious, full of rats and full of destruction. … It’s Dante! Dante! Yeah, it’s Dante. You gotta go thru the center of hell to come out the other side. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
First Blood @1:04:28

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