[to Newt, as Ripley] Where are the plans?! If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador? Hicks, tear this ship apart! Star Wars mixed with Alien? The perfect movie. I’m just imagining a facehugger on Jar-Jar Binks. — Speakeasy,
Aliens @1:03:29

I don’t know if Don Ameche liked this or if it was frustrating to him, but literally every time he talks, he makes us hate [his character] a little bit more. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @0:21:31

Boobies! Boobies? Yeah! [disturbed] Noooo! [wild laughter] Ohhh! No! It’s a f****ing guy! … He was so hot! [wild laughter] Shutup, Bill! — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Town & Country @0:19:24

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