[Joss Whedon] is just all about the penetration. … Any chance he gets to stake somebody or stab somebody…. [as Joss Whedon] They’re a happy couple. I need to kill one of them! I forgot who I was for a second. — Sofa Dogs,
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog @0:37:19

You know with Bond you’re not gonna be disappointed when you see a helicopter. No. Whenever I see a helicopter in real life, I am always disappointed when it doesn’t blow up. Yes! — Gentlemen’s Review,
A View to a Kill @0:06:44

Now this scene actually manages to be … suspenseful. … You find yourself rooting for these guys. That’s the difficult part. … And at the same time, you’re like, ‘Wait! Wait! No! No! Screw up!’ — Down in Front,
Dr. Strangelove @1:33:25

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