Poor Pius just got killed. He’s angry! Voldemort just lost another horcrux. … I felt bad for Pius too, Micah. Don’t worry. We’ll have T-shirts and a blood drive or something. — MuggleCast,
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 @1:06:59

[re: Jon Anderson finale song] This is like the outside of that weird girl in 8th grade’s notebook, who had the unicorns on her notebook. Those are the lyrics … she wrote out. — Jon Madsen and friends,
Legend @1:25:32

Can we talk about Josh Hartnett’s hair? Yes, we can! F***ing hell! … It’s this weird cut that makes him look like he has either constant bedhead or this giant cowlick that goes around his entire head. — Sofa Dogs,
The Faculty @0:30:44

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