He’s got a hell of a tan for a Brit. … Is that a gold chain? That’s a gold chain around his neck. He’s a playa. — Terror Transmission,
Dracula: Prince of Darkness @0:50:18

Coming up is one of my all-time favorite Batman moments: when Bruce looks at the portrait of his parents. … I don’t know why that works so well. … He’s apologizing to a painting of his parents. — DC Commentaries,
Batman TAS ‘Over the Edge’

I think I’m in the Bob Hoskins stage of my life, the drunk stage. I’ve got to find that inner child again. I’m kind of like Roger Rabbit with a slight touch of the Bob Hoskins. [laughter] … You handle your booze like Roger Rabbit. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? @0:14:30

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