[re: Neville’s stand] I would have said to Rowling, ‘Can’t we change that to Draco standing in their way? … We’re getting past the impediments that keep us from resolving the conflict in toto. And one of those things is Draco. — Tysto Commentaries,
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone @2:02:05

I can’t really think of a Bruckheimer-style movie where they’ve had the psychic character. That would be awesome if they threw that in. — Down in Front,
Team America: World Police @0:35:15

Way to stretch your acting roles, there, Benjamin Bratt. [as Benjamin Bratt] I’m a cop. I’m a cop in this one. I’m a hot, misunderstood cop. … I’m a soldier. [pause] I’m a soldier cop. — Comic Geek Speak,
Catwoman @0:34:54

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