Is it just me, or does that paste look quite nice? … Well, Johnson likes it.[laughter] I love Johnson. … He’s such an arse-kisser, a sniveling little sh**, isn’t he? —,
RoboCop @0:29:44

[re: air attack] I had the same experience flyin’ to LA, actually. [laughter] This is it, eh? … Comin’ down was a little rough. — Prognosis Negative,
Quantum of Solace @1:10:25

It misses an opportunity to state the theme…. What it says is ‘Life in space is impossible.’ What I think it should say is ‘Life in a vacuum is impossible,’ because that’s … what this story is about: … connecting with other people. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:18:02

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