Talkin’ of beer, tho: we’re drinking Cobra beer as we’re watchin’ this. … ‘Extra smooth,’ like Stallone in this movie. Allegedly, it’s made in India, this beer. It’s probably made in Stallone’s basement. —,
Cobra @ 0:08:02

The last line in the credits … says, ‘Please note patrons, do not try to copy stunts from this film.’ Well, it’s like, yeah… What stunts from this film would anybody want to copy? —,
Firefox @1:16:47

You got about 70% seriousness and about 30% comedy. … Don’t you mean the other way around?… You said 70% serious. … That’s what I mean, yeah. … This is a comedy. …I’d say it’s 70 comedy, 30 drama. Really? — Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy,
Ishtar @0:54:28

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