Fuzzikins down! Fuzzikins down! Never leave a bear behind! Heh, heh. ‘Bare behind.’ — Rifftrax,
Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi @1:41:42

I’m sorry. Mrs. Incredible is just very hot. … She’s an incredi-MILF, is what you’re saying. … I haven’t felt that way about a cartoon character since Betty Rubble. … She had a great ass. Check it out. Seriously. — Down in Front,
The Incredibles @1:20:44

[Witwer’s father] Ah, shot when he was 15 at our church in Dublin! … We covered the whole lot there. [laughter] … Have we missed any of the cliches?He was just walking past the Guinness factory! — MMM Commentaries,
Minority Report @0:27:00

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