I love how the computer just takes— The computer’s like ‘Okee dokee!’ … ‘I did it!’ ‘That was a rough one, but I think I pulled it off. What do you think?’ — Down in Front,
The Fly @1:37:21

And then the monkeys know to attack the bad guys somehow. Nobody else. They’re helping [Mutt] drive. — Geekza,
Indy 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull @1:29:04

[Bond approaches Taro with a towel garotte] ♪♫ That doesn’t look too friendly. ♪♫ I love every song in Kyle’s album that we hear. It’s called Sing What You See. [laughter] Or Randy Newman’s Greatest Hits. — Prognois Negative,
Dr. No @0:54:21

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