Are they not under any instructions to not use grenades in their own base? [laughter] … Well, the plan’s nearly ended now. It’s like the last day of school, i’n’t it? They all get to bring in games. — Renegade Commentaries,
The Spy Who Loved Me @1:34:19

And here’s Ruth. Ruth Gordon. Whooo! I had the chance to speak with her recently, via Ouija board. Very sweet woman. — Soju After Movie,
Any Which Way You Can @0:23:15

Why isn’t his official phone red? He’s doing this wrong. … If I had an official phone, you’re goddamned right it’d be red. I would paint it red and give it a little googly eye. … Add a little flashy thing on top. — Down in Front,
Jaws @0:12:39

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