Somewhere in here … there’s a lament-configuration Hellraiser cube. … You can actually buy those. They’re little plates, and you put them together yourself. Well, yeah! … [laughter] That’s how they get you. — Sofa Dogs,
Behind the Mask @0:22:06

It could have been interesting if Kate Beckinsale was the one that ended up as the werewolf. Oh! … She would be tweaked by that! … Ahh, that would have been so much better. And then Van Helsing has to fight her. He has to kill her. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Van Helsing @1:55:13

The gun is real? So, only the aliens can use them, tho? … They’re physically there, but they don’t fire anything. When we use them? No. [sigh] Within the movie, you’re right. Outside of the movie, you’re retarded. — Sick Feats,
District 9 @0:19:49

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