A thing that I saw … was that Ward is gonna become the Punisher, ’cause he kind of has that look to him. — SWORD AOS,
Agents of SHIELD @0:32:58

Clearly written in knowing they would never have to explain why they have arrows, and they’re taking care of four things and a lizard. … That’s a gorn they’re going after. It’s a Star Trek crossover. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Blink’ @1:01:58

I like that image of the spider crawling over that very quaint, old house. Right. It’s this one visual cue that represents the movie in a nutshell. Yeah. …. You could say that that’s Beetlejuice, but it’s really the whole situation. — Sofa Dogs,
Beetlejuice @0:05:25

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