Wasn’t that a great dragon fight? Almost felt like I missed the entire thing. [laughter] Oh, come on, you got the shadow, and there was some hay blowing up. That had to be from a dragon. — Facepalm,
Dragonheart @0:20:37

There’s a crazy man on our sidewalk screaming at us. … I doubt you can hear it on the recording, but it’s kind of freaking me out. It’s like the beginning of a zombie movie. [begin planning for real life zombie apocalypse] — Down in Front,
Shaun of the Dead @0:14:52

It’s … Hard Target, but sh*tty. … We did a [JCVD double feature].And DoubleStuf Oreos. … Compared to watching this … that would’ve been like winning Mega Millions. — DVD PodBlast,
The Pest @0:29:11

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