At this point, you know that Max Shrek is not making it out of the movie, right? Oh, right, yeah. ‘Cause he saw [Bruce’s] face? It’s like, oh, Max is dead. — Batman Universe,
Batman Returns @1:57:05

I really think Ruffalo is the best Hulk yet, and I love Edward Norton. … I like him just fine in this movie. I kind of want to see now a Hulk movie with him for me to be completely sold. — Two True Freaks,
The Avengers @0:26:59

Rock monster. It looks better than Shatner’s rock monster. … Which you can find on the Star Trek V DVD. Altho … Shatner’s rock monster doesn’t look like a rock monster. But it does look kind of like a bad-ass alien costume. — Commentary Track Stars,
Galaxy Quest @0:59:29

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