There’s very casual pot smoking going on in this little beach party, which seems kind of shocking. … It’s funny that Spielberg hasn’t edited this out yet. … He hasn’t replaced it with kazoos. — Down in Front,
Jaws @0:07:48

They do an orange motif, just like The Godfather. If there’s an orange, something bad is going to happen shortly thereafter. … But it’s Children of Men. Something bad is happening in every scene. — Down in Front,
Children of Men @1:28:45

[Tony Shalhoub is] eating cheese sticks! … That’s Handi-Snacks, I’ll have you know. I don’t know why he had Handi-Snacks on his person. … Maybe you’re right. Maybe he is stoned the whole time. — Down in Front,
Galaxy Quest @0:50:45

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