We’ve got a more recent visual effects blockbuster with a tried-and-true story that is not really hailed for its story-telling abilities. So why is Star Wars better than Avatar? Well, there’s a difference between a form and a formula. — Down in Front,
Star Wars 4: A New Hope @0:47:30

[Premise is revealed] Dude, welcome to the movie. That’s what this has been about. That really is the case. Clive Owen is like, ‘Oh, that’s the movie I’m in.’ — Down in Front,
Children of Men @0:43:22

There’s a lot of moving pieces all coming into place. … And then in the third act, it’s like “No! Wait! Come back, Sense!” … If you knock a chessboard off the table, you’ll see a lot of moving pieces as well. ‘Uh, checkmate, I guess.’ — Down in Front,
Thor @0:04:34

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