[re: Legolas] Now, the girl who plays the elf, [laughter] she’s adorable, I have to say. — Down in Front,
LotR: Fellowship of the Ring @1:42:29

Sam’s the one who really has the hero’s journey. … He has the arc. He goes from the guy who can’t ask Rosie out to the guy who comes back and marries Rosie. … Frodo is so damaged … that he doesn’t get to have a happy ending. — Down in Front,
LotR: Fellowship of the Ring @0:22:56

Isn’t capoeira one of the sword-fighting techniques he talks about in The Princess Bride? Nnnot at all.Have you played Teken? I also don’t video game. … He comes out of his box to do this podcast, and then goes back in. — Down in Front,
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon @1:18:40

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